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The Tessy & Tab Reading Club

There are two different ways to use Clark Reading Toys with your child. They are equally important, and they are both easy to master!

Dialogic Reading with a grown-up

Dialogic reading helps expand language and literacy by engaging the child in dialogue and encouraging the child to become the storyteller. The PEER Method is designed to encourage children to talk more and give descriptions of what they see. Children learn most from books when they are actively involved.

Prompt your child to say something about the book using “What” or Where” questions.

Evaluate your child's response for what part of the book is interesting to them

Expand your child's response just a little by adding information

Repeat the prompt to let your child show she learned something

Independent play reading

The earlier a child explores books on his own, the more likely he will become a strong reader in school. As early as nine months old, babies will show an interest in handling books. The Clark Series was specifically designed so that your baby or toddler can successfully “read” them without the help of a grown-up.

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